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New Build- Remodel- Space Planning Design Services: Schedule a call

So ...... How Does This Work?

SO Glad You Asked !

1) First, pick your service below- how are we going to make your space great?

2) Click the link on the package that you think best suits your needs (don't worry if the package ends up being something different; it's a good place to start)

3) The link will take you to a questionnaire, fill out the questionnaire.  When you send it to me, you will have access to my calendar.

4) Pick a time from my calendar to schedule your (free) 30 minute Discovery Call.

5) I will call at the time you scheduled to talk about your project, clarify questions I may have, address questions you have, and verify what package you are wanting.

6) Next step is scheduling a meeting with Lisa in your home, she will discuss at the end of the Discovery Call.

7) Get ready & excited- you're about to transform your space!

How Can We Help?

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