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Tips For Choosing Tile You'll Love

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Tile is perhaps one of the most exciting things to pick out for your space. It can be a bit like jewelry- you can go classic and restrained, or make a big, bold statement. For me, going to look at tile is a bit like being a kid in a candy store- so much to look at but it can be a bit overwhelming knowing which one(s) to pick. Read on for tips on how to make choosing the right tiles more manageable.

Tone on tone tiles are perhaps not the most exciting to pick out but take a look at the result in the serene, spa like shower above. The popularity of Zellige-type tiles has led to some great, beautifully designed single colored bathrooms with depth and dimension. A look that is difficult to achieve with tiles that are a single, homogeneous color. This is a great choice for a style that will endure the test of time and will be difficult to tire of.

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Perhaps one of the most frequent mistakes I see people make is liking so many that they try incorporating them all in the same area. That rarely makes for good design. If there are a few fun ones you are in love with I suggest taking the one you favor most and building around it. This means limiting yourself to 1 'fun' tile per room and selecting others to support it.

Another tip is be mindful of the scale you choose. Bathrooms in particular have several different tiles. Shower walls, shower floor, baseboard, backsplash, walls & floor all are candidates for tile and it is important to choose sizes carefully. For example, if 12x24 tiles are chosen for a shower wall, it can become tiresome if the same size (especially in a different pattern) is chosen for the bath floor. The bathroom below is a great example where using different scaled but the same color tile adds a visual interest and cohesiveness and you may not even recognize why it feels that way until you begin to pick it apart.

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If you have a bold tile you absolutely fall in love with- it is a good idea to incorporate it in small doses. Choosing an accent wall in a powder room can be a great way to show off some bold tiles or using them as a splash or shower runner in a larger bathroom. Another key to choosing bold tiles is selecting from a color you are consistently drawn to. If the color of the tile consists primarily of a color, or a intensity (i.e. bright colors or conversely, muted colors) you would never choose to wear, there is a high probability that you will tire of that tile way before you can afford to replace it.

What do you think? What questions do you have about picking out tile? Ask us below!

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