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Fave Finds: Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

a mood board collage of industrial bedroom decor ideas

We are having so much fun over here at Simop Designs curating different looks for different styles to shop from. This week is all about Industrial Design. Think metal & glass accents, brick, open concept, vibrant pops of color, and a little bit of modern loft going on. City living influenced, but we also have our own fun spin on it. If you like the vibe, check out the candles on our site- each of them is uniquely & fabulously scented (and btw burns clean and LONG!) There is a lot to love about Industrial Design and if this is up your alley, hopefully, these finds can get your creative juices flowing to inspire your own space!

We already are curating for next week and are super excited about it! If you have any styles you would like to see inspiration for let us know. Maybe your style will be the next one we source!




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