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Color Trends to Look For in 2024

Updated: Feb 11

Every year, several paint companies come out with a color of the year. The top ones we are seeing are several blues, peach and some steely darks. Sometimes they hit the mark and other times not. Regardless-there are a few trends designers (and clients) are wholeheartedly embracing that we are seeing played out in a big way. Read on to see if you agree.

What are the color trends that we will see dominating our interiors and Instagram feeds?

  1. Dark, moody hues in many colors but particularly in blacks, teals, greens & blues. These have been gradually gaining steam the last couple of years. We are seeing entire rooms; including cabinetry, trims and ceilings washed in the same color giving a cozy, cocoon-like effect.

2. Greens. While green is a great color that is always welcoming and relaying renewal, freshness and growth, I personally believe its resurgence is in part due to the result of us hunkering down over Covid and expresses our basic need and desire for being outdoors. There has also been a gradual melding of biophilic design (see below) into our living spaces and while it doesn't replace the need for outdoor experiences, at the very least provides a link to the outdoors.  It can be an antidote to all the time spent confined to computers and the highly technological world we live in.

3. Earthy, tone on tone colored palettes. People are hungry for their spaces to be cozy and we are definitely seeing that reflected in the neutral, natural color choices (along with fantastic textures!) that people are utilizing in their spaces. This movement is also linked to biophilic design, encorporating natural neutrals to construct a space tied in with nature and the outdoors. It works well when the requirement is to create a calm, relaxing space.

One thing I feel the need to address is the color gray. Some are saying gray is out but I take issue with that. The days of the colder grays are by in large done for now- but that doesn't mean we can't incorporate it in different ways. I had a client recently express concern to me because she has been waiting to repaint her house for a few years. She has finally gotten around to it but she has her heart set on gray and read somewhere that it is now passé. I explained to her that there are grays or greige paints that I regularly use that work beautifully and still feel fresh. (For those unfamiliar; greige is a warmed up version of gray, or a cooled down version of beige- either way you want to look at it) One of my faves is Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak. See how versatile it is in project pics below.

So there you have it! Our take on what is happening right now in the color realm in design. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!


 Learn more about the benifits of biophilic design here!


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