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Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Updated: Jan 3

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Every year I love seeing all the different Christmas trees coming across my feed and start getting ideas for what I might do next year. As the Christmas season winds down, we have rounded up a collection of our favorite trees that have inspired us this year. From simple to extra and in between, they are all represented.

Check out this ultra sophisticated ice tree from Lune 1860. It strikes a balance of simple and elegant perfectly. And don't forget to note the candy ribbon shaped 'skirt'. So very pretty.


I kept coming back to this tree from Hannes Mauritzson . I've been seeing many trees shaped like this this season (less perfectly shaped and bulbous at the bottom) so get ready to see more like this next year as well. I love the simply sized, colorful ornaments and garland that have more of a home-made, Scandinavian feel.


This extra tall, beautifully simple tree from Chateau de Champs-sur-Marne is just gorgeous. It looks like the décor wholly consists of sparsely spaced bulbs in a palette of varying shades of purple and burgundy and I am a huge fan. I love the fact that the space is so dramatic while the tree plays the perfectly supporting role in the room.


If we are talking Non-Traditional and Extra, this tree from Fig & Form is IT. I love all the drama of it with the contrasting textures. The monotone palette is one reason I think it works so well. I'm considering attempting a version of this for next year, but we will see if I have the time and wherewithal to pull it off!


And THIS tree. Photographed by Clive Nichols, it's decked out with brilliant dried floral pomander kissing balls. The topper is a loose reflection of the pomanders combining all the colors throughout the tree. No need for lights on this tree. Incredible.


There you have it! Let us know if any of these sparked your imagination for next year, or if we missed any that you have been crushing on. Merry, Merry Christmas to you!!

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