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Autumn Alfresco Dining Inspiration

There is nothing like taking advantage of outside surroundings when you are sharing a meal. The sights and sounds put you -quite literally- in the midst of nature and there is an allure about it that is impossible to capture when dining inside. Since fall is knocking at our door and we can't wait to take advantage of the cooler temperatures, we have selected items to provide some inspiration as we take our dining outdoors for the season. While we don't play favorites, the sweetly patterned folding chairs from Anthropologie have captured our attention and our hearts. Check all the patterns out!

One thing I love incorporating in my outdoors is some kind of electric lighting- whether it's fairy lights or cafe bulbs. This year, for one of my clients, I placed some fairy lights in oversized lanterns in place of candles and it had an almost magical effect- as if fireflies were in them. As you take your dining outside, do you have a favorite item that you use year after year? Share with us in the comments!

mood board collage of alfresco fall shopping finds

mood board collage of alfresco fall shopping finds



If you're looking for more alfresco inspiration, check out this blog post!

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall"

- Oscar Wilde



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