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5 Tips to Elevate Your Closet

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

A closet with a window seat, pillows, and flowers

If you want to elevate your closet, these tips will inspire. While there are many ways to improve your closet space, here are 5 of our top design tricks to implement that will make your space look and feel special.

1. Incorporating a place to sit. from a comfy bench seat decked out with colorful pillows or a beautiful tufted ottoman either will provide a convenient place to put on your most beloved pair of shoes.

2. Jewelry drawers. many companies are selling highly customizable inserts for drawers, so whether you’re an earring gal like me or have a large collection of bracelets configuring drawers to your own specific needs is easy. Click the photo below to shop these budget-friendly jewelry drawers!

3. Display Cubbies. Consider having cubbies for special pieces that are statements in and of themselves like handbags or hats. Click the photo below to shop the baskets we used in this closet remodel- they're currently on sale!

4. Specialized lighting. Nothing can elevate a space like lighting. While general lighting is a no-brainer, it’s smart to incorporate accent (in shelving and items to be highlighted) and task lighting (at a mirror for makeup or a final check before leaving the space). We love the tape lighting in the below photo inspiration, it gives the closet a more luxurious feel.

luxury walk in closet with specialized lighting
Photo from Pinterest

5. Remember the 5th wall. Ceilings- especially in places like a master bedroom closet can be a perfect space to have a little fun. Whether a simple pattern, a large-scaled, commanding print, or anything in between, papering a ceiling can provide just the right amount of drama.

walk in luxury closet with playful wallpaper
Photo from Pinterest

Full closet view with storage space


Photography by Nicole Dianne


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