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This is when you need a change that is going to require a general contractor. This includes things like changing cabinetry or the footprint of a space. One of the things we love here is making the best use of your space and this is where we shine! If you are looking to improve, update, change, or all of the above we have got you covered! Finding the best way to execute your space is something that we absolutely thrive on here. We love the challenge of using the existing floorspace to maximize use, purpose and flow. What to expect with this package:

  • After receiving your questionniare and we have our Discovery Call, we will come to your home and do a 'dream walk' with you as we learn how your space works. This is also our information gathering meeting: we take measurements, go through inspiration pictures and talk through any changes you want to make.

  • There are generally 3-4 meetings at your space as we move through the process.

  • Elevations or 3D renderings of your space 

  • We provide a specification binder with everything from paint colors to cabinet layouts for your unique project that serves as a template for work to be done to create your perfect space. From how tile is laid out to the color of the grout to  furnishing layouts and recommended sizes and styles of furnishings.

  • Cost for package is on a sqare foot basis and will be discussed on our Discovery Call then more at length at the first meeting once the scope of work is talked through.

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