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Let me introduce myself.....

Hello! My name is Lisa of Simopoulos Designs. Fair warning: (ask my kids) I can be wordy- but luckily, I'm making this brief! As this is my first blog, I thought it only fair to give info about myself and since the average person apparently gives about 96 seconds per read I am going to make this brief.

This is me:

~I believe there is a reason and a purpose for everything- even if I don't always understand it

~shorthand: raised in NorCal, obtained a BA in liberal studies many moons ago, married the boy next door (well not literally, it was about 10 doors down), moved to much colder climates as my husband was finishing his schooling, then back to California again. During that time I had 4 pretty incredible kiddos and poured all I had into raising them. I wouldn't change a thing

~(kind of) an empty nester

~enjoy family, cooking, floral design, planning trips, learning new things, seeing new places

~went back to school about 8 years ago to obtain an interior design degree after designing and building my own home to hone my skills as a designer (one of the best decisions ever)

~LOVE to travel (stupid covid!)

~did I say love to travel? Because I really meant it- and it has literally informed much of who I am as a designer

~absolutely, unequivocally, love what I do

~first priority has always been family but thankful I have had the opportunity to pursue something I have always been passionate about

Whew. Is that what life looks like in a nutshell??

In this blog, the plan is to primarily talk about and explore relevant topics in interior design. The topics will sometimes be broad (how architecture informs design), and sometimes narrow (tablescaping), but regardless, they will be first and foremost informative and enlightening with the goal of having some solid takeaways. My read time now informs me that I am now passed the 96 seconds that you will read, so as far as I know, this isn't even being read! While I can't promise my next post will be this short, (in fact, I know it won't) I will promise it will have some fabulous content and resources for readers who are in pursuit of all things design to enhance a client's- or their own- personal life. Our first look will be at 3 Big Idea Trends to look for in 2021 resulting from Covid- You'll want to check it out if you want to see where to spend money, whether your own or your client's. Looking forward to engaging with you~



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