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Diving into Summer: Coastal Chic Décor

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I think most of the year I dream about owning a beach home. Please tell me (and my husband!) I am not alone. There is no question that as summer ramps up I feel it even more. Having a place where families converge, kids rides bikes to get ice cream, and the lazy days of summer are laid out in front of us as we rock on the porch. In fact, I have a saved folder of inspiration pics and vendors specifically for this. I thought it was a great time to share some of this coastal chic decor if you are looking for your own inspiration. There is something soothing about the watercolor or monotone, textural palettes that I can't seem to get enough of and all of them sit well with a coastal chic aesthetic. All of these inspirational spaces are by some of my favorite talented designers, not all of them are at the beach, but easily evoke that feeling . Enjoy!

Photos from Instagram

Keep in mind:

1) You don't have to live at by the water to embrace a beach aesthetic

2) Your decor doesn't have to be overtly beachy with sea shells, nautical flags and whales on the wall. (Sometimes a whisper is louder than a shout!)

Coastal Chic Decor Finds:

We sourced some coastal chic decor items inspired from our inspiration folder - from value to investment there are some great additions to start your own coastal chic space.

Do you like coastal decor too? Let us know below!

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