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3 Big Idea Design Trends for 2021: Bonus!

second home trends, traveling home trends

Second Homes & Traveling Homes

For those whose pockets are deep enough, second homes will, and are, becoming a priority - especially for those who have been considering it but haven't pulled the trigger yet. This doesn’t necessarily mean another large house, but perhaps a townhome or condo or a residence shared with a family member. In lieu of traveling, that money will be put toward another space to escape to within reasonable driving distance from the main home for family memories, a change of climate, or merely to experience different scenery. Additionally, we are seeing people with second homes who have been waiting to remodel now moving forward with plans to renovate so they can take full advantage of wherever there home away from home is.

sprinter van redesign, interior sprinter van trends

As for a traveling home- a search in pinterest for ‘remodeled Sprinter’, 'RV remodel’ or 'van life' will reveal that many have already jumped on this bandwagon. I personally know at least 3 friends who have already bought and are revamping either an RV or Sprinter van in anticipation of taking it on the road for a while. With overseas travel so up in the air, why not take your home on the road? Whether retired, working from home or working/remote schooling, this is the perfect opportunity to have the best of both worlds.One couple I know has opted for a van rather than a second home. "We decided rather than buying one place that we always go to, why not buy a traveling home that allows us the flexibility to see and experience a different place every time," says Leanne Shaw of Rocklin. There are also memberships programs where people can opt for staying in places other than the standard RV parks. Harvest Hosts membership program allows for staying at over 1,200 wineries, breweries, farms, museums and attractions across the US and Canada for a different experience. Rick Sepulveda from Mercedes Benz Rocklin says the past six months has seen record sales in the Sprinter Vans and that he is seeing it across the board with traveling vans. It goes without saying that due to the amount of remote working we are able

to do now, either of these options have become much more possible and plausible.

airstream, airstream interior design, interior airstream

So here’s the deal. We are in unprecedented times as we all know. Unprecedented times create an uncomfortableness in our day to day lives. It is when we are uncomfortable that innovation happens. And I for one love that idea. As we look forward to what’s next, let’s take this opportunity to take stock in how we choose to live our lives. Let’s take stock in our values and priorities and use what we have to make the changes that we can.

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