Wooden Home Framing

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New Build

Are you starting from scratch? We at Simopoulos Designs love new construction from the standpoint that onboarding an interior designer in the first stages of a build actually can help streamline your process! Assembling your 'team' (architect, builder, designer etc) at the beginning can go a long way towards getting exactly what you want and most often saves you money in the long run. What you can expect with this package:

  • These projects tend to vary because often times a designer is brought in at varying stages. This package therefore is different depending on when and how we are brought on board.  

  • After receiving your questionniare and we have our Discovery Call, we will have a pretty good idea of where you are at and will shedule a meeting to talk about your 'dream space'.  This is predominately meeting for information gathering.

  • Like our other packages, you will receive a curated binder for your unique project complete with information for each space and all of the fixtures and furnishings for your project and directions for how items are to be installed.

  • We meet with the builder (and architect if involved) as needed. 

  • If you are desiring a completely turnkey experience, as part of your package we can also specify and procure furnishings and decor so that at the end of your build, all you have to do is move yourself in! 

  • Construction process pricing is done on a sq ft basis and furnishings on a budget per room basis.