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Kitchen Interior

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Kitchen/Bath Refresh

Kitchens and Baths are usually the first spaces to feel outdated. This package creates a thorough template for the changes you want to make. All specifications are laid out in detail on a spreadsheet with sourcing.

Physical samples of relevant products are provided along with inspiration schematics for referencing. This package is for updating either space without changing out the floorplan or cabinetry. Have Lisa come in and create a plan to change your space in a way that makes it feel current! What to expect from this package:

  • Meeting 1: Lisa walks the space with you. We talk through your 'ideal' space and take measurements, discuss budget and hone in on exactly what it is that you are wanting with inspiration pictures from all parties. At the end of the day, this is your project and your vision and we don't take that charge lightly. 

  • Meeting 2: Lisa will present you with your own curated binder for your project. This includes your complete design plan that spells out what is needed for your specific project right down the to color of grout used if tiling. It also includes breakdowns of fixtures and furnishings, their cost and how they are to be installed or laid out, elevations, mood boards and anything else relevant to your unique project that you will need to efficiently implement the plan.

  • Insight and expertise in the design field including current trends and innovations.

  • We acknowledge that this is truly your project and at the end of the day the space you will be occupying. To that end, we know that while you hire us to be the experts and value your trust, we also view it as a collaborative process. and don't take that responsibility lightly.

At this point, you decide if you want to have Simopoulos Designs continue on to the Execute Phase. There is no pressure- we have some clients who take their binder and want to implement it themselves, and others who either don't have the time or inclination to do it themselves so they hire us to complete the project. Either way- you end up with a thorough plan to help you achieve a brand new look!

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