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Sound like this is for you? Begin the process by filling out our questionnaire. 

Eclectic Living Room

Design Consultation

If you know you need a change but your vision is a little blurry when it comes to figuring out what you need to do, let Lisa to bring your vision into focus! She will provide a general list to change your space which can include furniture layouts, paint changes, updated or added furnishings and fixtures, and window treatments. At the end, you will have the choice of implementing it yourself or hire Simopoulos Designs to execute the plan for you. Either way, you're on your way to an amazing new space! What to expect with this package:

  • A 60 minute home visit. Lisa will come to your home, walk the areas you are having trouble with and provide her expertise to solve your design problems. 

  • As she walks through your space with you, she takes notes, some basic measurements, and make suggestions for your new, updated look.

  • Every space and need is unique, therefore Lisa will come prepared for your specific space which will be determined by the questionnaire and Discovery Call. 

  • A PDF that lays out all that was talked about during your session. Depending on what was discussed, it can include general furnishing suggestions with photo examples and layouts, lighting, additions or deletions of furnishings to the space, paint suggestions, how to maximize flow and get the best use of your updated space. 

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