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Paint Cans

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Paint Swatches

Color Consultation

Do you like your home to be subtle shades of white? Or  do you prefer bold, stand out colors? Or maybe you land somewhere in between? Sometimes the best thing we can do to give our space a new feel is change up the color. But anyone who has tried to choose the correct paint color knows how difficult that task can be. Lisa is a Certified True Colour Expert that can show you how to look at choosing colors in a whole new way. This package includes:

  • 60 minute custom in home consultation

  • Walk through the areas you want to change.

  • Lisa will take you through her process of how she chooses the right color for a space.

  • Discuss options for color change including taking into account fixed fixtures such as flooring, countertops and cabinetry.

  • Ultimately choosing a palette of 4-5 new colors that will create a cohesive look and feel.

  • Provide you with color chips for you to keep for your reference.

  • What specific finishes to use and where.​

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