Cloverdale, CA

napa valley house
napa valley rental

 This beautiful Craftsman-esque style house is nestled just above Napa Valley in the  heart of wine country. The owners purchased it with the long term goal of eventually moving here once their kids were through school. Until that time, they plan to rent out the estate as a luxury air b & b. Because the bones of the house are fabulous, we were called in to create a cohesive, design worthy space in keeping with the style and location to pamper and impress their high end clients.

 The color palette was carefully chosen to reflect the surroundings of the rolling hills of grapevines, oak trees and existing structures. Comfortable but substantial oversized leather sofas, side tables of metal & stone, and a sisal rug give the space both the luxury and sturdiness required. New artwork was installed and accessories were chosen that further enhance the space. 

busselen 3.jpg
napa valley house before